Managed services transition speeding up

Technology is helping customers adopt managed services quicker and resellers are moving with greater speed to become MSPs, according to an IBM study

The technology enabling customers to make a move to the cloud has cut months off the time it used to take.

Those changes have made it easier for users to take steps to the cloud and have also had a corresponding impact on resellers.

Many traditional break-fix resellers have expected it to take around 18 months to became a managed service provider (MSP).

But that length of time is being reduced according to Simon Porter, vice president of mid market sales at IBM Europe.

He said that some of the cloud devops work that once took firms nine months to implement was now taking nine weeks.

That increase in speed is also having an impact on resellers with the 18 months some have experienced moving from break-fix to managed service being reduced.

Move from reselling to managed services

This could be the year many resellers move from a break-fix business to one that receives recurring revenue from managed services. Find out how to get ahead of the game.

"The challenge is one of skills. It is not just about the technology but is also about the skills and how we can help the partners get those," he said.

He added that the pressure to adapt to changing market confusions meant that even the first wave of MSPs had to change their approach.

"As infrastructure becomes commoditised the MSP needs to move into applications and business support," he added.

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