Ingram CEO talks Lenovo x86 servers, Windows XP shutdown

Ingram Micro CEO Alain Monié has been discussing several key market trends including Lenovo’s recent purchase of IBM’s server business, and the end of Windows XP support

Speaking to analysts on a conference call to mark the end of the distributor’s financial year, Ingram Micro CEO Alain Monié has been sharing his views on a number of key issues that will help shape the channel this year.

With Windows XP support now just weeks away from ending, Monié was pressed on whether or not Ingram had seen any additional purchasing spurred on by the OS’ demise, or whether the industry was seeing a more normal replacement cycle.

“Given the past experience we’ve had when some of these changes have happened with different versions of operating systems in the past, it’s very difficult for us to see anything until things really start kicking in when they change,” responded Monié.

“Frankly in our side we have not seen any trend that would indicate preparation for that. So, we will just have to … see when it happens. But at this stage, we haven’t seen any either slowdown or acceleration of procuring around that change.”

On IBM’s recent sale of its x86 server business to Lenovo, Monié was more forthright, saying the acquisition would present Ingram with a similar opportunity to the 2004 sale of the ThinkPad lines. He described his relationship with both IBM and Lenovo as excellent.

“They know how to execute on these types of transfers, and I think Lenovo’s presence and strategy around the globe is solid and we only see opportunities here for us to help that transition happen with success.

“As far as the higher end IBM products, that has been indeed pretty successful. It takes time … for the numbers to really impact when you have such a large core business but I have to say that we’re very satisfied with the progress we’ve made there. We’ve made significant investments in the US [and] we’re going to replicate investments outside of the US to make sure that this success is also a globally expanded,” he continued.

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