DataStax hunts disillusioned Oracle partners

Application and big data specialist DataStax seeks out partner channel in the UK, saying its market is undergoing a paradigm shift towards open source databases

Online application and big data specialist DataStax has launched its inaugural channel partner programme – the DataStax Partner Network – and challenged partners of traditional database firms to rally to its banner.

With its enterprise solutions based on always-on fully-distributed, open-source Apache Cassandra databases, DataStax claims it can offer genuinely unique differentiators when compared to MySQL providers and the likes of Oracle.

Speaking to MicroScope, DataStax SVP of global business development, Dave Kloc, explained: “Oracle is being increasingly challenged by NoSQL databases. It’s time for a next generation of technology driven by sheer volume of data. There’s a need for a paradigm shift – the future is online apps running NoSQL. The growthNpo is there and the market is massive.”

Kloc came on board the start-up – which opened a London sales office in spring 2013 – with a brief to refocus the firm’s go-to-market strategy around the channel.

“Our peer providers say a lot about partner numbers but we are an early stage company and we are looking for like-minded companies into NoSQL, who understand databases, understand online applications and see us as a way to drive incremental revenues,” said Kloc. “We are high-performance and scalable, that’s the hook for these guys.”

Its new programme is built around collaboration with four types of partners: solutions partners, including major services providers such as Accenture, boutique VARs and consultancies; application partners, who will embed DataStax Enterprise in their own b2b applications; infrastructure partners such as Google Cloud Platform or HP Moonshot who will deliver its products through hardware or cloud platforms; and ecosystem partners, who will seek out joint integration offerings with BI and reporting providers, and app development and monitoring tools among other things.

The three-tier programme has been set up to include partner benefits such as referral fees and discounting, free training, pre-sales and developer support and an online portal, from the start, said DataStax.

Said Kloc: “This is a really cool opportunity because, I think, its applicability is universal. We’ve doubled sales year-on-year and are expecting to stick to that growth trajectory.”

“Accenture and DataStax have enjoyed a longstanding collaborative relationship, which we deepened by naming DataStax as an alliance partner,” added Vincent Dell'Anno, global big data lead, Accenture Analytics, now a part of Accenture Digital.

“The alliance with DataStax allows Accenture to provide its clients with best-of-breed, real-time big data analytics capabilities, enabling them to drive business results from big data and compete on digital.”

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