Outsourcery urges channel to address user cloud fears

Outsourcery has urged resellers to help calm user worries about putting financial data into the cloud

Those that were expecting more of a swing from customers towards allowing sensitive financial data to be stored in the cloud might have to wait a bit longer with a lack of trust still holding a lot of users back.

According to recent research from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF)  83% of IT decision makers shy away from using cloud services for financial functions and channel cloud player Outsourcery believes resellers could play a crucial role in helping users get over those fears.

Outsourcery echoes the advice from CIF, urging cloud providers to be transparent about what they can offer and where the data will reside and how it is protected, and hopes the channel will become more confident in talking customers through the issues.

“It is no secret that moving applications to the cloud has become a popular choice for many companies, but according to CIF research there is a clear tendency for many businesses to keep their financial applications in-house. This could be because they are concerned about adhering to specific regulatory requirements but the message needs to be conveyed that cloud can be configured to meet this type of business need," said Adam Cathcart, head of channel at Outsourcery.

"The problem for VARs is to make sure that they understand these regulatory issues and explain the options to their customers clearly," he added “Often, a regulatory obligation is not as big a hurdle as it may at first seem. For example, a requirement as simple as making sure you know where your data is stored, or ensuring it is stored in the UK, can easily be achieved by choosing the right CSP."

He added that as resellers became more comfortable talking about cloud and made it clear they understood the risks more customers would start to make the transition putting financial data into hosted applications.

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