Tintri forges new channels to promote virtual storage growth

Storage virtualisation specialist Tintri is preparing to revamp its channel outreach to support the launch of its Global Center management tool and prepare it for future growth

Storage virtualisation vendor Tintri is planning to refresh the way it deals with the channel as part of an effort to be more vocal about its expanding product range.

Doug Rich, Tintri’s recently-appointed EMEA VP, said the storage virtualisation management market was taking off, with “companies like Nimble and Pure all making a big splash” and said that Tintri had perhaps not made as much noise as some of its competitors.

“We had been a very engineering-focused organisation. We’ve not been vocal, we’ve been viral, and there is definitely a belief within the firm that we need to take our message to a larger audience – we have a loyal base, we just need to talk about it more,” Rich told MicroScope.

Among the headline claims Tintri has made for its VM-aware storage architecture are the ability to improve storage performance by up to 10 times, resulting in productivity improvements and cost reductions, which Rich said he believed made the firm’s product set a good deal for the channel.

“Customers typically buy a couple of appliances for a patch or to address a virtualisation performance problem, and once they have seen the benefits they very quickly expand,” he said. “Half our customers repeat buy within a year, and on average they buy three times as much.”

This will be the second time Tintri has set out to rearticulate its channel vision in the UK, and it now hopes a new programme will seek out a number of committed channel partners prepared to build a business around Tintri first and foremost, said Rich, who added that while its products have been sold through larger integrators, the big players tended to be more invested in giants of storage such as EMC or NetApp who, like its competitors, Tintri hopes to win against.

The firm has already been busy expanding its product range, launching two new appliances late last year to complement its existing lines, and has just made its ‘single pane of glass’ management product, Tintri Global Center, available in the UK.

First showed off last year at VMworld, Tintri Global Center is a centralised control platform that allows admins to treat multiples of its VMstore systems as one, monitoring and administrating their datastores and VMs and, in effect, extending the functionality of their Tintri estates.

Simon Ragg, CEO at Tintri reseller S3, said the advent of Global Center would address the needs of a growing number of customers struggling to configure and oversee storage within their virtualised environments.

“Tintri’s new age approach, built on the concept of VM-aware storage, can drastically reduce the amount of time administrators need to devote to this problem … [and] is a solution that’s ideally tailored to the realities of software-defined infrastructure,” he said.

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