VoxGen lays foundations for channel push

New CEO at self-service automation solution vendor VoxGen sets sights on growth and expansion

VoxGen’s new CEO Kerry Robinson has set the firm’s sights firmly on growth and expansion as he takes up the reins, with a particular focus on building more channel business.

The firm, which specialises in multichannel customer service, is on a mission to get people talking about making voice a key part of the multichannel experience, saying that too often when people talk about customer service in such a context, what they really mean is tablet and smartphone apps – another legacy, it claims, of the historical gap between comms and IT.

It hired former KCOM boss Paul Renucci to lead its charge last year. However at the start of 2014 it revealed Renucci had opted to move on and promoted long-standing employee and chief commercial officer Kerry Robinson to the corner office.

Speaking to MicroScope, Robinson said that although Renucci’s spell in charge of the firm had been brief he had laid the foundations for the evolution of VoxGen towards a more partnership-friendly business model.

“Paul and I worked very closely to restructure the business. Previously we had tried to do it all ourselves because it was the only way we knew, but that was unrealistic, so last year became about rebuilding to deliver a better customer experience,” he explained. “Paul helped us get on top of that and now we can deliver meaningful sales through partners.”

This process, which is ongoing under Robinson, has seen VoxGen engage more consultancy partners to take it into business transformation projects, BPO players to enable it to form part of a wider outsourcing proposition, and contact centre resellers.

Robinson said the channel could enhance its own comms services offering through including VoxGen solutions as part of its wrap.

“We don’t build contact centre technology, we lever it and add our own technology and experience to make big iron deliver bigger benefits,” he said. “A number of our customers have made big investments in the usual suspects but don’t feel they’re getting enough out of it.”



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