EC hopes to encourage greater cloud use

The European Commission is setting out to educate users and businesses about the benefits of cloud computing

The refrain about the need to continue to educate users about cloud technology is one that has clearly been heard by the European Commission as the governing body kicks off a campaign to help people understand the business benefits of moving to a hosted environment.

The EC has released a set of videos that it hopes will help guide users through some of the questions they might have about cloud, a move that is part of its wider Digital Agenda strategy.

The European body wants to make sure that more businesses understand how cloud can impact its customers, how consumers can use hosted applications as part of their lives as well as targeting specific parts of society to make sure that the elderly are up to speed.

A family - The Clikkers - are used to explain and illustrate just what the cloud can do and a series of videos are now available via YouTube underlining the commitment that the commissioner for the digital agenda Neelie Kroes has made in recent speeches about the determination to promote the use of hosted technology.

Robert Madelin, Director General for communications networks, content and technology at the EC, said that technology had changed significantly in the last couple of years and there had been changes in the way users and businesses could use the cloud.

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