Acer CEO focuses on past mistakes

In his first press conference as CEO the latest head of Acer has been interested in discussing the mistakes of the past

The latest CEO of Acer disappointed market watchers with his first press conference failing to give too much detail about where the firm was heading after a tumultuous couple of months.

The hardware player has been hitting the headlines since early November when its then CEO of two years JT Wang decided to resign on the back of bad financial results. Things took a slightly surreal turn a couple of weeks later when his replacement Jim Wong resigned before he even officially took up the post.

The current CEO Jason Chen delivered his first press conference this morning and rather than talk about where the firm was going to go under his leadership he preferred to concentrate on discussing the past.

Chen said that the firm's biggest mistake had been to invest too heavily at an early stage in ultrabooks and fail to spot the potential for the tablet market and it had backed the wrong horse to the point where it hurt the business.

In reports Chen is noted as pledging not to repeat that error and indicated that he will be more agressive in building Acer's presence in the tablet market and build on the market share it has already started gaining in the last quarter of 2013.

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