Apple and Samsung bosses set for mediation in patent case

The bosses of Apple and Samsung could sit down to try to talk out their differences over patent claims in a matter of weeks

The bosses of Samsung and Apple could sit down in mediation to try and resolve their ongoing legal spat over patents in the next few weeks before the latest trial starts in California in March.

The prospect of Apple CEO Tim Cook and Oh-Hyun Kwon, his opposite number at Samsung, sitting down to try and iron out their problems is one that has been tried before a couple of years ago and the latest attempt will take place before 19 February, according to reports.

The CEOs will be flanked by a handful of company lawyers in any meeting that takes place with a mediator with experience in disputes of this nature running the session but based on previous experiences the hopes of an amicable outcome seem limited.

The vendors have already spent millions as Apple has pursued Samsung through various courts for the last few years over alleged patent infringements trying to get product sales halted and damages from its rival and the latest trial starts this March.


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