Ofcom: UK leading the ecommerce stakes

The latest figures from Ofcom indicated that Brits are leading the way spending more online than global counterparts

UK shoppers have more confidence spending online and are doing so in greater numbers than customers across the globe with Brits putting more trust in their online suppliers.

Online spending records have already been broken this year with Cyber Monday at the start of the month, with £600m being spent in 7.7m purchases on 1 December, and it comes on the back of a trend that emerged in 2012.

The latest figures from Ofcom indicated that spending online last year increased by 16% to £1,175 per head, which was £307 higher than the second placed country Australia, and well ahead of the lowest spenders Italy and Spain which had £126 and £180 respectively.

Looking into just why the UK was so ahead Ofcom found that customers here trusted their supplier to send them the right item and were more prepared to believe the online advertising they saw.

Elsewhere in the world users were not so convinced that what they ordered would turn up or what the saw advertised online would be accurate with less than half of Japanese customers convinced by what they saw on websites.

The other crucial factor in explaining the rise in ecommerce was the 70% of UK consumers who felt secure when paying for good online and had more faith in the postal system to deliver.

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