Node4: IT budgets to rise in 2014

A survey of SME buyers by datacentre and comms provider Node4 suggests growing confidence that budgets will rise

Up to 70% of British SME buyers expect their IT budgets to be heading in the right direction during 2014, according to a new survey of the market by datacentre and communications provider Node4.

With increasing faith in the strength of the economy taking hold in some quarters – although not necessarily in all – 80% of respondents to Node4’s survey said they expected their businesses to do better in 2014 than in previous years, and as a result were thinking more about how IT can better support them.

The survey covered 250 decision makers in 50 to 500 seat firms, and found that one in 10 said their budgets would grow by over 10%, with just 5% anticipating a decline.

The findings are reflective of recent forecasts by bodies such as the CBI and CEBR, said Node4 business development director Paul Bryce, but, he said, “SME spending habits have changed”.

“IT managers and directors are even more savvy than before. All those with purchasing responsibility today want an IT solution that helps them to win more business, beat the competition and prosper in the growing economy,” said Bryce.

Mobile application development and cloud were found to be the biggest areas of interest for buyers, Node4 revealed.

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