Gartner: server revenues, shipments fall again in EMEA

EMEA server sales have fallen to a 15 year low, according to the latest market statistics from Gartner

Both server shipments and revenues in EMEA declined during the third quarter of 2013, with sales now at their lowest level since the late 1990s, according to analyst house Gartner.

Total shipments in the region were down 7.8% year-on-year to 548,000 units, while sales were down 4.3% to $2.8bn (£1.7bn).

And in an indication of the scale of the blight afflicting the European market, taken on their own revenues in the Middle East and Africa actually grew by 12.1%.

Gartner research director Adrian O’Connell said: “The performance of server shipments and revenue is in a downward spiral. Revenue has now declined for nine consecutive quarters and shipments have declined for eight.”

He continued: “The market is resetting itself to a new level with architectural shifts making life very challenging for vendors that have relied on high-end platforms in the past.

“The ongoing economic weakness plays its part here, but there is also a broader shift taking place that brings a new set of competitive challenges. The fourth quarter is also expected to be weak, making 2013 a year to forget for most server vendors,” he concluded.

In Q3, x86 sales were up 0.1%, while RISC/Itanium UNIX bore the brunt of the impact from platform migrations, down 29.4%, while Other CPUs were up 15.2%.

By vendor,  HP led the market in sales terms by a country mile, shifting over $1bn worth of hardware in Q3, giving it market share of 38.6%, up 2% on Q3’12.

Second-placed IBM made sales of $563.8m, down on last year, while there were also declines for bronze medal winner Dell. Reflecting its tubthumping strategy, Fujitsu increased its market share by 0.4%, while fifth place was occupied by Oracle, down 0.7%.

By shipments, HP again led the EMEA pack with 40.4% of all units shipped. Second through fourth spots on the table were occupied by Dell, with market share down 1%; IBM, with market share down 4%; and Fujitsu, which saw overall shipments decrease but overall market share increase slightly.

Cisco edged into fifth place, growing its market share by just under 1% as the only one of the five to grow its shipments.

On the global stage, the top-selling vendors were HP, IBM, Dell, Cisco and Oracle, and by shipments HP, Dell, IBM, Huawei and Fujitsu made up the top five.

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