Ovum: PC still the platform of choice for Cyber Monday

With millions being spent online today as users start to buy Christmas presents Ovum finds that the majority of clicks will be coming from a mouse connected to a desktop

Retailers are gearing up for the busiest online trading day of the year but as 'Cyber Monday' gets under way the majority of orders will be coming via a desktop PC, despite the growth in the use of mobile devices.

Around £450m is forecast to be spent via 7.7m online transactions according to Visa, which will be a 16% increase on last year, as users start to spend on Christmas presents.

Even with the PC market suffering a tough year so far analyst house Ovum has predicted that the majority of those Cyber Monday deals will be made using a traditional desktop.

Ovum found that it came down to personal preference for 68% of users that they preferred to order goods using a desktop or a laptop with 20% happy to use their phone and 14% making purchases via a tablet.

“The implications of these findings are profound for the growing mobile commerce ecosystem, as when it comes to digital commerce, consumers clearly still feel more comfortable with their PC and laptop,” says Angel Dobardziev, principal analyst at Ovum.

“This shows that operator strategies that factor in rapid adoption of mobile commerce services need a reality check. Furthermore, the industry must design services that build on users’ comfort with e-commerce over the PC and extend it to the m-commerce domain," he added.

Ovum surveyed users across 15 territories and found that in addition to using PCs to buy good there was a slowness in people trying mobile payments, which could also cause some pushing m-commerce to revise their expectations.

“There is no doubt that eventually we’ll see mobile devices used for the majority of our online services, but in the m-commerce sector there is still some way to go. To succeed, service providers will need to carefully understand and effectively address the subtle differences that concerned consumers have with using mobile money and mobile commerce services,” said Dobardziev.

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