Pearlfinders: Channel under pressure to hone software skills

The latest Pearlfinders IT Index finds that customers are increasingly looking to the channel to help them host, test and manage applications

Resellers are increasing being expected to help customers with software issues that includes testing and hosting applications as well as being able to offer more development support.

The pressure on customers to seek external expertise around an area that has often been handled in-house is revealed in the Q3 Pearlfinders IT Index and chimes in with other forecasts about the future of the market.

A year ago the president and CEO of Canalys Steve Brazier told attendees at its Channel Forum event that they had to become developers to be in a position to exploit the growing shift towards app enterprise stores.

That prediction of greater enterprise app stores and more gamification of existing business processes has also been given the nod from Gartner, which expects 25% of enterprises to have developed their own app stores and to be negotiating with software vendors for products that can be added to the ecosystem by 2017.

The latest Pearlfinders research indicates that already those customers that have been developing apps are looking to outside help and are expecting the channel to be in a position to come to their aid.

"A third of IT directors expect suppliers to have software development and testing expertise compared with less than a quarter in 2012. Where this area was once kept in-house, the diversity and volume of business critical applications means outsourcing testing, hosting and on-going development is essential," said a spokesman.

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