Pearlfinders: Security dominating IT spending plans

Customer fears around the prospect of cyber attacks is influencing how they plan their IT spending according to the latest Pearlfinders IT Index

The need to improve security has been beeping ever more loudly on the corporate radar with more customers spending on the technology to ensure that they are better protected against cyber threats.

The latest Pearlfinders Q3 IT index looked at the factors driving customer technology spending with a desire to improve security and resilience the top of the list, ahead of ambitions to support growth or make life easier for those managing remote workers.

"Cyber attacks have doubled in the last year and budgets allocation is being adjusted accordingly. The hottest sectors are those where IP is most energetically guarded - over 50% of IT directors in the automotive, financial and professional services sectors are looking to increase security spend," stated a spokesman.

In the past couple of quarters the main focus of IT spending has been to improve the prospects of growth, ending a fairly long period when the aim was to use technology to cut costs, but the shift towards security is pronounced and reflects a growing concern among customers that they are vulnerable to cyber attack.

Despite security dominating the concerns the skill sets that customers were looking for in prospective suppliers started with software, then hardware, managed services and networking and infrastructure before settling on security.

The implication is that customers are looking for assistance boosting the protection around their existing operations, rather than just bringing in a specialist that can recommend a product or two to add to the current mix.

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