Dell looks for channel growth

Michael Dell has outlined plans to extend its channel as a key part of its growth strategy

Michael Dell has outlined plans to increase its channel business as the vendor looks for growth, with plans to bolster the channel running alongside other efforts to grow its client base and market share in emerging markets.

The CEO of Dell was speaking at an event in Paris where he outlined just where he felt the company could aim for growth in the immediate future and he gave a clear indication that the last few years of channel growth would not be tapering off.

"Our partner programme has grown to 35% of our commercial business and we believe we can grow that even more," said Dell. "That expands our reach."

Dell added that he was excited about being back in private hands and it would have greater flexibility in making decisions for the longer term: ""In the US there is an affliction of short-term thinking. Public companies have an 89-day planning cycle and have to constantly adapt their plans. We can have a five-year plan and we have a plan to accelerate our strategy to expand R&D to build solutions for the long term."

Echoing views of the PC market held by its competitors, including Lenovo, Dell said that the world was moving beyond the PC and it had a strategy to deal with that and he believed that Windows 8.1 was a decent product but most of the commercial action was currently around users moving from XP to 7.

"Dell has been in client business for 30+ years, and it's important for us to change. Extremely large volumes of products, focus on customers. We are growing the client business and in the virtual client and the tablet and we have already built an enterprise business beyond the PC," he said.

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