Start-up CloudFabriQ seeks partners for cloud management solution

British ISV CloudFabriQ starts beta testing its V-Maestro cloud management package with key customers, and calls for partners

UK-based software developer CloudFabriQ has put out a call for partners as it begins final testing of its cloud infrastructure management solution, V-Maestro.

A fresh face in the market, having been set up 18 months ago, CloudFabriQ developed V-Maestro to optimise customer virtual machine environments on physical hardware, addressing systems management and datacentre energy costs, as well as VM sprawl.

CloudFabriQ EMEA VP of sales and operations, Steve Charnock, likened many datacentre estates to a road network, noting that however many new roads are built to absorb growing traffic volumes, the new roads end up clogged as well: he gave the hypothetical example of a customer with 1,000 VMs and 35 physical machines saying that that customer would tend to use all the physical kit at his disposal regardless. V-Maestro, claims CloudFabriQ, takes care of this problem.

Currently in beta-testing at two customers as of the end of September, V-Maestro should be a good fit for resellers that are already engaged in systems management and admin, Linux-centric ISVs, and server and datacentre VARs, but equally, said Charnock, could be interesting to MSPs.

“Less is more, and we’re certainly not going on a partner signing frenzy,” said Charnock, “I’m about finding the right channel partners who can lever our technology into starting new conversations with existing customers.”

With a crowded market for virtualisation support products, Charnock added that CloudFabriQ’s automation capabilities and scalability – it can handle estates of up to 100,000 servers – as well as vendor agnosticism should set it apart from the pack.

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