Violin plans European distribution expansion

Violin Memory is planning to expand its European distribution base to gain better coverage on the continent

Flash memory specialist Violin Memory is looking to expand its distribution network across Europe and has not ruled out adding to its two British partners at some point in the future/

The priority for the moment is to make sure that it has better coverage across the continent and the two UK distributors  - Commtech and Diamond Point International -  will not be added to in the near future but could be if the vendor continues to grow its market base.

Jason Wildt, director of partner programmes and alliances EMEA at Violin said that it had that it had built a network of partners across Europe but wanted to add to those numbers.

"We are working to increase our distribution content. We have a few partners [across Europe] but we need to expand out reach," he said that so far its distributors covering UK and Ireland were far from saturated and were still delivering the results for the vendor.

"we are always evaluating but at the moment we are able to do what we need to," he added that if a distributor knocked on the door with the right skills set and customer base then in the future it could consider adding them to the line-up.

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