Cloud reseller start-ups gaining attention

The growing number of small resellers that have emerged focused solely on the cloud are being taken seriously by Box

Cloud reseller start-ups need to be taken seriously by vendors looking to grow their market because it is still too early to predict which of the current wave of emerging hosted partners will stay the course.

One of the trends of the last year has been the increasing numbers of one and two man bands that have set themselves up as cloud experts to react to growing demand in the market.

But one vendor that has been engaging some of those smaller players has pointed out that although the latest players to join the channel ranks face stiff challenges they can play a role in trying to widen market reach.

"Lots of people are spinning out of other companies but already there are some big ones that are starting to form up," said Wayne Cook, vice president of partners at Box.

"They have to create a market for themselves and they could grow our market as they grow, but they have work to do because they don't have the client base," he added.

Box has managed to sign up 50 resellers in the last six months and is looking to recruit more partners with vertical expertise to keep the momentum going and is open minded about the wave of cloud specialists that have emerged in the past 18 months.

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