Android's emergence as an enterprise OS seen by Canalys as inevitable

Speaking in his keynote at the Canalys Channel Forum the president and CEO of the analyst firm has warned the channel that Microsoft is under increasing pressure

Android is becoming an enterprise operating system as the sheer weight of market share the OS commands takes its toll and changes attitudes in corporate boardrooms.

In his keynote speech at the Canalys Channels Forum event in Barcelona the analyst firm's president and CEO Steve Brazier talked about an IT world that was in transition with some of the old industry players facing the need to react to competition from the likes of Google and Amazon.

Last year at the same event Brazier warned the channel that Microsoft's share of the market was under pressure and this time around he quoted his own numbers that indicated that across all devices Android now had 57% market share, followed by Windows with 25% and Apple coming in with 17%.

He added that the growth of Android was making it inevitable that the OS would become more prominent in the enterprise market, putting a further squeeze on Microsoft and Apple.

"It is a dramatic transformation in the industry and we would expect Google to continue to gain market share," he added that Apple was under pressure and "Microsoft needs to become desirable again. Windows 8 was not well received and mobile has not excited customers."

Jos Brenkel, senior vice president world wide sales printing and personal systems at Hewlett-Packard, said that the rise of Android in the workplace was something the vendor would react to and launch solutions that were based around that OS.

"It's inevitable that Android will be an enterprise solution. Most of the Android products have been consumer but in the future will be part of the [enterprise] solution," he said.

He added that as it became part of corporate deployments resellers would have to sharpen their skills in supporting environments running multiple operating systems.

Brazier also used his keynote to talk of the increasing tension in the traditional IT vendor community as alliances and strategic partnerships came under strain as players looked for new revenues by entering rival markets.

He warned resellers that the changing fortunes of some of the major players made it likely that there would be further consolidation, with the PC arena tipped to be the venue for some of that action to take place.

"There are too many tier one PC vendors and we expect mergers and acquisitions to happen," added Brazier "We see a dramatic restructuring and lots of tensions. The industry is starting to restructure."

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