SME cloud buyers looking for local expertise

SME cloud buyers can buy services anywhere but prefer to deal with local resellers that understand their connectivity issues

The cloud can be purchased online from service providers based anywhere in the world but some customers prefer the local touch, with resellers benefiting from being able to provide support on the ground to users.

SME customers in particular appear to be looking for local technology provision with the expertise to sell hosted applications, but that come with the knowledge of the connectivity issues in their specific geography.

“SME’s are increasingly telling us that they want to meet with a locally based cloud provider. They like to meet and talk to a real person whom they can relate to and they can trust to sort out their individual company issues,” said Gary David Smith - co-founder of Prism Solutions, a provider of cloud and managed services to small businesses.

"Businesses have many local requirements that a remote provider wouldn’t necessarily be aware of like download speed or the need to also support an existing IT structure. These are conundrums to be sorted out by a local provider," he added.

The reseller is coming across customers that have found they are struggling with poor service from a supplier that is interested in a one size fits all "land grab" exercise rather than dealing with users' individual situations.

“We have come across many firms based in small towns or rural areas who are struggling to get the connectivity required to access cloud services. Unfortunately, some of them seem to have figured this out only after they have attempted to make the transition into virtual computing," said Richard Alexander, managing director of Prism Solutions.

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