Ballmer admits need for a remix with Windows 8.1

The Microsoft CEO has revealed the changes made in its Windows 8.1 update and admitted that users had wanted it to make improvements

The 'Start' button has been brought back as well as more support for apps including Facebook as well as built-in 3D printing capability as Microsoft looks to get Windows 8 buzzing with users.

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, admitted in a speech given at its developers Build conference, that although it launched Windows 8 with a great deal of effort to make sure it was a ground breaking OS it still had work to do after launch.

"We pushed boldly in Windows 8," said Ballmer "And yet what we found is that we got a lot of feedback from users. If I were put it in coffee terms, they said, 'Why don't you refine the blend here?'"

As a result the firm has spent the last few months re-mixing the "desktop experience" and come up with Windows 8.1, which will be launched later this year to placate those users that were disappointed with the first version.

Aside from the Windows 8.1 activity Ballmer was keen to set out a vision of the future that saw the vendor reduce its launch cycle from the current three years it takes to release a new OS.

"It's about the rapid pace of innovation. It's about the transformation that we are going through as a company to move an absolutely rapid release cycle," said Ballmer in his Build keynote.

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