Licensed software adds to UK bottom line

The Business Software Alliance has discovered that just a slight reduction in the use of pirated software would add billions to the UK economy

If software piracy in the UK was reduced by just a single percent it would generate around £2bn in national production and there woulc be an additional £47bn if that trend was replicated globally.

The figures come from a study into the economic impact of licensed software from the Business Software Alliance (BSA) and it stresses the point that more money is to be gained by being legal than opting to take the pirate option.

The BSA study found that although £2bn could be added to national production with a 1% reduction only £470m would come if the percentage was swung in the use of more illegal software.

“Using properly licensed software reduces risk and creates operating efficiencies that go direct to the bottom line for business,” said Julian Swan, Director, Compliance Marketing, BSA EMEA.

“This study confirms that licensed software is not just good for business — it is an important driver of national economic growth. Government, law enforcement, and industry should take every opportunity to reap these potential gains by reducing piracy and promoting use of properly licensed software," he said.

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