Corel finds consumers like to keep it shrink-wrapped

Corel has discovered that consumers still want to buy their software rather than stream it from the cloud

Shrink-wrapped software still has its fans with the majority of consumers preferring to buy a product they can physically hold rather than downloading an application from the cloud.

According to research from Corel resellers should be warned that two-thirds of the customer base still prefer a physical product and a failure to give them that buying option could undermine a potential sale.

The findings of a Corel study into buying habits found that only 1.8% of UK consumers were keen on the idea of renting or subscribing to software on a monthly basis and 28% were interested in streaming software directly to their PCs. The majority still opted to buy software from a store or order a physical copy online.

The survey also revealed that the term 'cloud' continues to cause confusion for many customers with just shy of half of those quizzed revealing they didn't know what it meant.

"Consumers are simply not ready to rent/lease their software and if vendors are only offering that as a purchase option then the potential revenue loss for resellers is huge," said Amanda Bedborough, executive vice president global sales at Corel.

She added that larger businesses might be comfortable with the cloud but at a consumer level there was clearly still a preference for buying a physical product, "consumers still want choice as to how they buy software and do not want to be forced into renting software before they feel ready".

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