Channel Telecom claims billing standard first

Channel Telecom says implementing a new charging data record standard will make it easier for comms VARs to keep on top of their customer billing

Business comms provider Channel Telecom has become the first UK network wholesaler to implement the Federation of Communication Services (FCS) new charging data record (CDR) standard.

Implementing the standard means that Channel Telecom will be able to take CDRs from multiple network carriers and convert them into one common standard.

It hopes this will make life easier for its reseller partners to process CDRs that are compatible with industry standard billing platforms, such as Union Street’s aBILLity, its recommended platform, which is already able to export wholesaler CDRs in the new FCS format in its latest version.

Channel Telecom director Clifford Norton said: “The next step is to get our suppliers to follow us, but right now all our partners know we offer the standard CDR whatever the carrier may be.

“Billing is a major part of our resellers’ business model and the implementation of the common CDR format will streamline the process for the channel.”

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