Vendor and reseller relationships benefit from maturity

Over the last three decades the relationships between vendors and resellers have been one of the main issues but things have improved in recent years as the channel gets more recognition for its role

Relationships between resellers and vendors have improved over the last couple of decades as the channel has matured and more have recognised that operating a clean model is more beneficial than confusing hybrid approaches to the market.

The consensus that emerged from asking a great many of the leading channel lights, as part of a feature that is appearing in MicroScope's 30th anniversary issue next month, indicated that although there was still some work to be done the respect for resellers had improved over the last few years.

As many looked back to try and sum up the most important development in the channel in the last three decades it was the changing relationship with vendors that stood out as key.

"Perhaps the most important change in the past 35 years is the slow and still incomplete recognition by vendors that the channel is important and that hybrid sales structures are less effective in the medium term than maintaining a clean channel policy," said Ian Kipatrick, chairman of the Wick Hill Group.

"It has taken over 30 years to get to this stage, but it is core to the effective operation of a growth channel model," he added.

"Most vendors run a pretty clean channel programme, whereas many did not in the past," said Richard Blanford, managing director at Fordway Solutions.

The need for a solid commitment to the channel is also something that more vendors have understood is required for success with Nessa Lynchehaunm UK and Ireland channel director at Mimecast, summing up just what the benefits are: "These days the channel needs vendors which are 100% committed to the channel model. The recipe for success and longevity in the channel is to listen to the customer and focus on delivering a valuable customer-centric experience."

To find out what others had to say about the last three decades look out for the December MicroScope ezine which will contain further comments and more coverage connected to the 40th anniversary.

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