Changing culture key to unlocking managed services

A managed services specialist that has made the journey from break-fix urges others considering a similar journey to appreciate the internal challenges

Resellers thinking of making the move from break-fix to a managed services provider should not delay starting out a journey that potentially could take a couple of years.

The message this year from numerous vendors and channel commentators has been to encourage resellers to develop a managed services business that can provide monthly recurring revenue that makes their finances more secure and predictable.

But that journey involves various steps that extend beyond just the choices resellers make around which automated system tools to use, and one of those that has made the journey urged dealers to think about the internal cultural issues.

"It is not just about putting in the tool. That's easy, anyone can buy the tool. The challenge is to get the tool into the business and get all your people on board with that tool. Everything has got to fit," said Austen Clark, sales director at Clark Integrated Technologies.

He added that it had taken his organisation two years to make the transition from a break-fix model but the effort had been worth it. Not only did it mark an end to him suffering from "lumpy revenues" that were hard to forecast, but it has been embraced by his staff.

"We had hit the ceiling and had got to the point where we were spending as much time administrating the applications and finances then we were being engineers. We couldn't get through that ceiling," he said.

Once Clark has chosen the remote management tools it was able to start making the move towards an infrastructure as a service specialist and grow the  business in both revenue and staff numbers.

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