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Sometimes a piece of technology arrives in the office but gets slightly lost in all the noise about the end of the year.

Sometimes a piece of technology arrives in the office but gets slightly lost in all the noise about the end of the year.That happened to some extent with Yeigo, which first appeared last November. 

In the run-up to Christmas, people were concentrating on the festivities instead of thinking about saving money on mobile calls.

But with this year starting off with such a focus on the economy, there could not be a better time for resellers to promote a product like the service from Yeigo.

Employing the same principle established by Skype, Yeigo uses the internet as the way to connect users.

For those users with an internet connection on their phone - a growing number as a result of smartphones - to get Yeigo up and running simply involves downloading the application, which is free of charge and does not require a contract. Yeigohas developed versions for Symbian, Windows Mobile and Java-based systems.

The vendor is using its similarities to Skype as a selling point and has proven it can work in its home market in South Africa.

Resellers might not sell too many smartphones - although analysts have been telling them to get involved in that market for years - but they could earn some goodwill explaining to users how this works.

Add to that the simple economics of free calls and it becomes an attractive option for the channel to use in their own daily work.

Another advantage is that from a user perspective there is minimum hassle because they can retain their existing number.

Not only are the calls between phones using the software free in the UK, but anywhere in the world, thereby reducing expenses on foreign trips. Yeigo also hands the power back to the user, who can call friends and family from abroad without incurring an expensive bill.

No doubt the traditional operators will be keeping a watching brief on this technology, which could pose a threat to their business.

Where Skype has proved to be a real winner is for people who regularly travel overseas. If Yeigo can do the same, then it will deny the traditional operators a sizeable chunk of revenue and could even lead to costs coming down.

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