Buffalo worried SMEs at risk using consumer storage

Buffalo has found that SMEs might know about the importance of looking after data but are quite happy to use external hard drives and USB sticks to store information

Far too many small businesses are using consumer storage devices to house their business data, leaving themselves exposed to potential problems.

With external hard drives the choice for many users as the option to store corporate information there are worries that the devices could be lost, damaged or fail to provide some of the redundancy features an enterprise product cloud deliver.

A landscape of external hard disc drives and even USB sticks being used, was revealed as a result of research undertaken by Buffalo Technology.

They discovered that just 10% of small businesses were using a NAS device and 62% were happy to backup data to external hard drives and 45% were even happy to trust their information to a USB stick or a CD.

These findings came despite 90% of those being quizzed revealing they understood the importance of looking after data and the risks involved if it was lost.

"UK IT managers realise the importance of data storage, but they need guidance on the risks involved with using simple storage devices that are designed for consumer use, but don't cut it when it comes to daily mass storage business use," said Paul Hudson, sales director for Northern Europe at Buffalo Technology.

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