Data centre focus to move onto sustainability

Those selling data centre technology and services will find that the focus sharpens next year around sustainability issues as customers look to control costs

Those resellers involved with the data centre market should be set for another strong year wif they have a good angle on sustainability.

Having forked out for data centres customers are now going to be looking at trying to trim costs and gain further efficiencies by using virtualisation and software defined networks, according to analyst firm Ovum.

The analyst house has painted a picture of next year that is all around efficiencies with a strong desire for sustainability.

Ovum expects that one of the key focus areas will be around energy costs with more firms putting someone in charge of sustainability issues.

"As organizations look more into cost-saving, energy represents a huge percentage of the cost base," said Roy Illsely, Ovum principal analyst.

"Due to the rise of the data centre infrastructure management market, now referred to as IT financial management, closely linked to the cost and availability of energy, the role of chief sustainability office  will become more commonplace in organisations," he added.

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