Windows 8 PC sales on track

Sales of Windows 8 on PCs sold through distribution have shown a positive impact following the launch of Microsoft's latest operating system according to figures from Context

There were doubts held by many about the chances of Windows 8 making an immediate impression in the business market but it seems that so far things have gone rather better than expected.

The latest figures from Context show that distribution shipped a fair amount of PCs with Windows 8 pre-installed and fears that existing inventory would disrupt the market proved to be unfounded.

"There were fears that the decline in PC sales had resulted in excess inventory which could have damped sales of newer machines considerably, but it seems inventory in the main has been managed and has not unduly affected the launch," said Context CEO and co-founder Jeremy Davies.

"Secondly, despite the uncertain economy, PC sales through IT distribution in the two weeks prior to launch and including the launch week itself actually rose 7.8% compared to the same period one year ago," he added.

There were more PCs going out the door with Windows 8 on than had been the case when version 7 launched with 23.5% of all desktops having a version of the new software installed, compared to 17.1% at the same point in the release cycle last time around.

"We would expect business adoption of Windows 8 to take time, as it did with Window 7," said Davies, who noted that sales of the RT flavour of the OS indicated that there was a chance it could make a dent in the tablet market in the near future.

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