Chinese highlight positives in anti-piracy fight

The man responsible for heading up efforts in China to cut down the volume of pirated software has called for more credit to be given by the West to its effiorts

Although China might be synonymous with software piracy those responsible in the country for defending intellectual property have criticised the ongoing negativity about the efforts they are taking to stamp out counterfeit software.

Speaking to Reuters the head of the anti-counterfeiting campaign in China said that the focus on the amount of illegal copies of software and music that originated from the country failed to highlight the moves that had been taken to stem the problem.

Tian Lipu, head of China's State Intellectual Property Office, was quoted as saying that the Western media was obsessed with painting the country in the blackest terms and the breakthroughs it had made were not being given the credit they deserved.

China regularly tops the list of counterfeit software production and has been the battleground for various anti-piracy campaigns from Microsoft and law enforcement agencies as they look to hit the pirates hard.

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