Bitdefender identifies Windows 8 security flaws

Bitdefender has discovered that Microsoft's latest operating system is not able to fend off some of the most common malware threats leading to a call for users to adopt additional security

Just weeks after its launch Windows 8 is already being identified as a potential security risk with malware able to infect the OS.

Research coming out of Bitdefender labs has indicated that 15% of the most common malware threats can sidestep the defences built into Windows 8 and infect the software.

Controlled tests carried out by the security vendor showed that even with Windows Defender activated a portion of malware threats were able to get through.

"As a means of protecting a computer from viruses, data theft and other type of malware, Windows Defender is better than nothing," said Catalin Cosoi, chief security strategist at Bitdefender.

"But it;s not a whole lot better. Most of the popular antivirus systems can do better. The conclusion is clear: using your PC without a security solution is extremely risky," he added.

That conclusion will be positive news for the antivirus vendor community and their resellers and Bitdefender is urging those early adopters of the latest Microsoft OS to get additional protection quickly.

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