Kaseya sounds warning for those sticking with XP

With the clock ticking down to the launch of Windows 8 a warning has been sounded by Kaseya for those that are still using the old XP operating system.

With Windows 8 just hours away from release those users still running XP are being urged to consider their desktop strategies.

Microsoft has been very clear about the schedule for support for its old operating system winding down, with just a couple of years left for XP users, but there continues to be a fairly large number of customers continuing to use the old flavour of Windows.

But according to Kaseya the launch of Windows 8 is the perfect moment to remind users that the bell is tolling for XP and they should come up with a transition plan.

"A vast proportion of businesses are still running on XP, having failed to transition with the release of Windows 7. With just under two years of support left for the 10 year old system, thought immediately needs to be given to life after XP," said Mark Sutherland, president at Kaseya.

"Whether these companies want to move to Windows 8 or begin with Windows 7, some form of transition will be necessary. Migrating operating systems is a lengthy process, for any organisation of any size, and in order to minimise disruption to the daily organisations of business, IT teams should be given as much time as possible to prepare," he added.

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