Trend cloud programme designed to deal with user fears

Trend Micro has launched a cloud programme for partners to arm them with the facts they need to overcome the nagging security doubts that continue to be held by customers

Trend Micro has launched a cloud programme across EMEA that is designed to arm resellers with the technology that should overcome the continuing security doubts that linger among enterprise customers.

Security doubts have been a constant barrier holding back more wider adoption of hosted services and is cited as one of the main reasons the vendor has launched the Trend Ready Programme for those partners already selling cloud technology.

Those who sign up for the programme will be given implementation guides to share with customers which take them through the steps they can take to ensure that their data is secure in the cloud.

Services which are compatible with the programme include the vendor's Deep Security and SecureCloud solutions, which is a combination of a security platform and a hosted service.

"Security is biggest obstacle to public cloud adoption because enterprises find it difficult to assess cloud security risks and approaches to mitigation. The Trend Ready programme helps educate enterprises about the risks and benefits of cloud computing, and provides an approach to adopting public cloud services without compromising data security," said Christian Christiansen, vice president of security products and services at IDC.

Kevin Simzer, vice president of corporate development and strategy at Trend Micro, said that it was important to verify software with cloud infrastructures as well as physical hardware.

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