BSA becomes Software Alliance

The Business Software Alliance has revealed a name change as it looks to promote its activities beyond simply the enterprise market

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) is changing its name to reflect the fact that its members are no longer simply selling into business customers.

From now on stories about companies being caught and settling out of court for illegal use of applications will be coming from the Software Alliance.

"We started 24 years ago as the Business Software Alliance because the industry's biggest focus in the early days was on providing tools for enterprise. Today, we are simply The Software Alliance, because the benefits of software innovation extend into every aspect of modern life," said BSA president and CEO Robert Holleyman.

He added that the member companies didn't just get their revenues from the enterprise sector but also government, education and health.

There is a new logo to support the name change and it will become the brand across the 14 offices globally that operate to protect intellectual property for members.

"We have aligned BSA's operations around integrated advocacy initiatives and expanded anti-piracy programmes that deliver strategic value to our member companies as they continue innovating and the marketplace rapidly evolves," said Holleyman.

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