Business issues rather than technical hold back cloud

Customers are concerned about a range of issues incouding compliance and fear of contract lock-in as they weigh up the move to basing more of their IT in the cloud

With each day that passes another survey comes out revealing not just the speed of the transition customers are making towards the cloud but also the issues that are holding them back from wider adoption.

The latest piece of evidence in the debate about cloud adoption challenges comes from the Cloud Security Alliance and ISACA, which have canvassed users across 50 countries to find out what worries them revealing government regulations, exit strategies and data privacy laws topping the list.

The survey quizzed existing cloud users to gauge what they were worried about with other concerns including contract lock in and whether or not suppliers would last the distance.

The advice from those that undertook the research was for those selling cloud to start to pitch it as a business sale rather than as a technical one to deal with some of the main concerns head-on.

“One of the most interesting findings is that governance issues recur repeatedly on the list of the top 10 concerns. Cloud users recognize the value of this model, but are wrestling with such questions as data ownership, legal issues, contract lock-in, international data privacy and government regulations,” said Greg Grocholski, CISA, international president of ISACA.

“As cloud services continue to evolve, it is critical that we work together as an industry to provide insights and recommendations on these issues so that service and solution providers can look to innovate and deliver what the cloud services market needs to advance and what enterprises need to succeed." he added.

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