Foxconn fight halts production

A mass fight involving staff at the Foxconn factory in northern China left 40 workers requiring hospital treatment and halted production at the plant

The Chinese Foxconn factory has hit the headlines plenty of times in the past because of concerns about working conditions and because of a sad spate of suicides and it is again the focus of attention after a mass fight stopped production.

A personal dispute escalated at the plant in northern China and ended up in a mass brawl involving around 2,000 staff, leaving 40 injured.

According to the state media the fight was triggered by a dispute between some Foxonn workers and a resturant owner.

The plant, which is a major supplier for Apple, had to halt production while the police got involved with the situation with reports indicating that the fight raged for around four hours starting just before midnight last night.

The latest headlines will again put conditions at the Foxconn plant, which employs just shy of 80,000 people, back under the spotlight and raise more questions about living conditions and the well-being of those people who work there.

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