License Dashboard moves to make true-up picture clearer

SAM specialist License Dashboard has launched tools to help resellers give a clear and accurate picture of their Microsoft licensing needs

There is not much that users can do to sidestep the price rises that Microsoft has introduced this summer to enterprise agreements to bring UK costs in line with Europe, but better information could mean they avoid paying too much.

Software asset management (SAM) specialist License Dashboard has launched a tool that will enable those Microsoft resellers dealing with customer Enterprise Agreements withn a quicker and more accurate way of determining what they need to be reporting to the vendor.

Currently it can take customers weeks to summarise their software estate to make their EA entitlements not only tying down staff resources but also raising the prospect of a license inspection if the delay drags on and raises suspicions.

Sean Robinson, director at License Dashboard, said that version 5.5 of its manager product would allow customers the chance to accurately make a picture of the true-ups they needed on an annual basis.

Robinson said that what could often be a complex process had been made much more critical given the price rises, which came into effect at the start of the summer, and it could now track usage, map software against EA specific metrics and provide true-up reports.

"Microsoft will get frustrated if you don't get your true-up correct and there is nothing you can do until the next time and it can be a significant cost to the company not to know," he said.

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