Westcoast mourns Strowman loss

Westcoast is mourning the sad death of Howard Strowman who ran its asset management arm

Westcoast is mourning the loss of Howard Strowman who sadly died after sustaining serious injuries in a motorbike accident at the weekend.

Strowman had been a channel character for years and had been chief executive of the distributor's Asset Management (WAM) arm after joining them back in May last year.

Before that he was synonomous with the three letters PST Holdings, a brokerage that specialised in handling all sorts of kit and he enjoyed 30 years running the firm before it ran in trouble in 2004.

"Everyone at Westcoast will remember Howard. It will be hard not to as his enthusiasm and larger than life presence was ever present," said Alex Tatham, sales and marketing director at Westcoast.

"His Westcoast and WAM colleagues are devastated by his loss as are all those that knew him in the channel and beyond. But our deepest condolences must go to his family who loved him dearly," he added.

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