Greater cloud transparency needed to boost sales

The Cloud Industry Forum has called more transparency from those selling the technology in an effort to get sales moving in the right direction

The fall out from the decision by Gartner to place cloud computing in its ;trough of disillusionment' on its hype cycle continues to cause debate in the industry with the latest response calling for more transparency to fuel growth in the market.

The analyst house described cloud as having going past its peak and into a more difficult time on the hype cycle before it would eventually come out the other side a much stronger market proposition.

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) has reflected on the move and come out with a call for less confusion in selling the technology and more transparency if the experience in the trough of disillusionment is going to be a short one.

Andy Burton, Chairman of the Cloud Industry Forum, said that the UK remained a strong market but the confusion around the word cloud and lack of confidence about best practice were undermining the rate of adoption.

“A degree of public scepticism surrounding cloud services is inevitable after such high expectations were set and therefore it’s natural that, as the market matures, there will be some rebalancing of that expectation and understanding. The initial hype that we have seen in recent years has somewhat subsided into more pragmatic approaches to testing and adopting services," said Burton.

He called for greater transparency from those selling cloud not just around the technoloogy but the credentials they had to deliver it.

“A primary challenge that we constantly face is one of definition. The liberal application of the term ‘cloud’ only serves to dilute its meaning and confuse the market which in turn can inhibit the performance of legitimate and credible Cloud Service Providers. CIF has been campaigning for some time for the introduction of industry-wide standardised definitions of cloud services to provide end users with much needed clarity,” he said.

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