Geeks seeks channel to sell software tools

Programming developers Geeks Ltd is looking to the channel for the first time as it starts to roll out its enterprise software tools through resellers

Website programming experts Geeks are turning to the channel for the first time in a bid to grow the market for its software and services.

Having developed its own programming language M# the firm can offer quicker and cheaper software development and web services which it now believes the channel can take out to market.

“Good developers are expensive. Every day spent running a software project imposes significant cost on a business, so cutting project time without compromising on build quality is important to keep costs low and meet expectations,” said Paymon Khamooshi, director at Geeks Ltd.

“We are looking for some enterprise resellers that can take advantage of our M# tool and development services. It means that software services can be offered to customers at reduced costs without necessarily eating into the margin.”

The most obvious competition resellers can pitch against include offshore software developers in locations including India which have traditionally beaten off UK rivals because of pricing.

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