Microsoft reveals RT PC partners

Microsoft has revealed the four OEM manufacturers that will be producing tablets alongside its own Surface once the next version of its operating system comes out in October

Microsoft has listed the five manufacturers that will produce its tablet products once the platform becomes available later this autumn.

Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, Asus and Microsoft itself will be delivering ARM-based PC designs using the Windows RT software with the first tablets due to hit the market on 26 October with the release of Windows 8.

Microsoft has already talked about its plans for its own Surface tablet product and the other four vendors have either already revealed products (Dell and Asus) or will do so shortly.

Some of the names not on that list include Toshiba and HP with Acer tipped to join the RT ranks at some point next year.

The announcement of the RT partners was made on a Microsoft blog with the vendor talking up the importance of choice, even though it is competing with OEMs with the Surface.

"You can expect to see everything from ultra-thin sleek designs with stunning high-resolution displays, to beautifully designed All-In-One PCs with large immersive displays complete with touch, to high-power towers rocking multiple graphics cards and high-performance storage arrays," blogged Steve Sinofsky, president of the Windows and Windows Live Division at Microsoft.

"In addition, this broad range of PCs will provide price and feature combinations that allow every customer to find a PC that fits their needs and lifestyle perfectly," he added.

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