Corporate desktop purchasing fading into history

The days of large scale corporate desktop PC refreshes look set to end as a result of BYOD changing the way staff acquire technology

The bells have rung before for the humble desktop but they look like pealing again for the demise of the once standard piece of corporate IT kit as BYOD changes buying patterns.

Desktop sales have already come under attack from alternatives including laptops and netbooks but the rise of the tablet and smart phone means that the way IT is purchased is set to change in the next few years.

Research of CIOs from Intrinsic technology discovered that 40% expect buying desktops will be obsolete in the next five years as BYOD policies replace the current approach.

There are still some hurdles to overcome, most notably security with 30% of CIOs believing the protection they currently apply to mobile devices would not satisfy an auditor, but the momentum in the market appears to be unstoppable.

"The challenge for companies now is to create a secure infrastructure that can accommodate mobile devices and BYOD policy, at present mobile security standards are not high enough," said Adam Jarvis, chief executive at Intrinsic Technology.

Coming from the security angle Jarvis voiced further concern that the answer for an increasing number of customers might be to outsource the security side of BYOD to a reseller.

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