BYOD continues to spark security fears

The bring your own device trend is causing system administrators to fret about data loss and protection costs

One of the biggest concerns about the BYOD trend is the implications for security with those managing the infrastructure worried it will drive up costs.

Any move to allow staff to connect smart devices to the network was seen as adding more costs by 657% of those users quizzed by Lieberman Software Corporation.

The largest potential headache was the users would introduce viruses or lose a device and as a result potentially leave sensitive company data out there in the wild.

Consumerisation has been highlighted by the security industry as something that both customers and resellers need to be talking about over the last eighteen months, and the latest findigs will add to the growing weight of evidence that fears persist.

"In today's consumer-owned devices, the ability to adopt and sustain enterprise access and revocation controls is non-existent or impaired," warned Philip Lieberman, president and CEO of Lieberman Software.

"While end-users might love the convenience, a lost or compromised device can fast become a nightmare for the CIO. Make sure you understand what you’re opening the organization up to when you allow, or even encourage, your workforce to bring their own devices," he warned.

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