SAP and Oracle copyright fight close to settlement

SAP has offered an out of court settlement to bring its long running legal battle with Oracle to a close

The long running legal saga between Oracle and SAP over copyright infringement looks like being wrapped up in an out of court settlement.

The two vendors have already spent a fair amount of time and money in court and the two appear to have made the decision to agree a settlement before the next trial kicks off later this month.

The case has been rumbling on for three years with the arguments focusing over the questions of damages after SAP held up its hands to the fact its TomorrowNow division had used Oracle code without permission.

Originally Oracle was awarded $310bn by a jury in November 2010 but last September a judge reviewed that amount and cut it to $272m. Oracle claimed that was not enough and had been gearing itself up for another courtroom tussle to get it's hands on more money.

But it has now agreed to an offer of $306m from SAP, which would rise by another $100m or so once legal fees are also covered.

The settlement now goes before the Appeal court to await approval.

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