NAS product of choice on storage front

TechTarget research has revealed that NAS remains the most popular storage hardware for customers

Storage investment is going to be heading towards those resellers able to pitch NAS products with the majority of customers looking to either build-on to existing systems or invest in extra capacity.

Exclusive TechTarget research into customer buying intentions has highlighted NAS as the most popular technology already installed and has also revealed that when it comes to spending plans even more is heading to resellers selling that technology.

NAS is the most popular currently installed system with fibre channel array a bit behind that and SAN even further back as customers choose to use the flexible hardware option, which has already benefited from recent developments that have both extended functionality as well as put the technology in the shop window again as the ideal SME solution.

The majority of customers are managing capacities of up to 50TB with slices, 10% dealing with more than a perabyte of information. That breakdown of
the market explains why NAS is so popular and why SAN is comparatively lower down the pecking order.

But there is a note of caution sounded by the findings that reveal the focus is going to be on building out existing systems rather than investing in fresh disk storage. Where there will be some fresh spending again the majority will be heading towards those selling NAS products.

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