Time ticking down on one size fits all vendors

Mitel has predicted a future where technology and solutions will be much more personal and vendors offering a one-size-fits-all option will struggle

The way we all work is at a crossroads with the cloud bringing forward disruption to traditional models that could cause problems for vendors and opportunities for resellers.

According to Mitel there are big changes coming in the workplace and the development of 'human clouds' where an individual has control over their own applications and devices, is on its way.

But that poses several questions for vendors that have tried to position themselves as a 'one-size-fits-all' because the user demand for personalised experiences will put pressure on those channel players unable to offer more than one flavour to customers.

Steve Little, CIO, Mitel, said that technology was driving change and the last decade had included several major changes to the tech landscape.commented.

“Establishing a culture of dynamism will be of benefit to individual workers, businesses and markets, and could help to give the UK economy a real competitive edge on the global stage," he said.

“Vendors have a huge responsibility as enablers of this revolution. The ‘one size fits all’ single vendor model is simply unviable in supporting the Work 3.0 generation of businesses, which will need to be populated with interoperable best-in-class technologies," he added.

"A fundamental shift in vendor models is needed whereby they are set up to contribute to an ultimate solution, working alongside other vendors, rather than competing on an all-or-nothing basis," he said resellers were ideally placed to put those solutions together.

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