Cloud key to unlocking SME growth

With SME growth in the UK threatening to stall technology in the shape of the cloud could be the answer to increasing the pace of recovery

Technology could help drive growth in the SME sector, which is in danger of seeing its domestic activity stall, as the ongoing economic conditions undermine attempts to increase the pace of recovery.

The latest survey of the small business market, seen as the engine of the UK economy, from the British Chambers of Commerce has revealed that in the last quarter domestic activity remained flat although exports did rise.

The business lobby group expressed the opinion that the pace of growth needed to pick up if the recovery was going to be kept on track.

From a channel perspective the response from Chris Papa, managing director of Qubic, was to use the current situation as an opportunity to pitch technology as a major part of the solution.

"Small and medium-sized businesses have been particularly badly hit by the economic downturn and are therefore the ones most in need of extra support to enable them to grow more," he added “Technology can help by streamlining these companies’ operations and making them more efficient, in particular those who have limited resources in terms of staff and capital. Using technology to create efficiencies can actually save costs and allow companies to operate far more effectively."

His answer included the cloud, which gives SMEs a chance to gain access to a wider range of services and applications, which can be a cheaper alternative to buying on-premise technology.

“A wide variety of hosted services are now available, and more and more businesses are making use of the opportunities offered. Every business can find a service that will suit their needs and their budget and allow them to make use of the latest in innovative technology without the burdensome capital overhead traditionally associated with leading-edge technology," added Papa.

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