Channel struggling with skills shortage

MicroScope research reveals that resellers are finding it a major challenge to recruit skilled staff.

The challenges resellers face include coping with a problem finding skilled staff as well as the ongoing pressures of winning new business.

The problems of getting hold of talented staff have not diminished despite the recession and continue to be a problem for all levels of the channel with resellers up to vendors all struggling to fill positions with qualified experts.

MicroScope reseller research has found that recruiting skilled professionals is the biggest challenge followed by winning new business and maintaining margins.

The findings of the UK Channel Direction Survey 2012 echo the experiences of those operating at the coal face with staffing a constant bugbear for those looking to grow their businesses.

Talking to MicroScope recently James Mansfield, UK UK indirect sales manager at Siemens PLM, said that finding the right staff was a real problem.

"Recruitment has been a challenge and finding good people has been an issue. People who used to freely move are now staying put," he added "There are not many people out there prepared to look at a career move right now."

Resellers have also experienced the same problems with some turning to apprentices as one way of ensuring they can develop their own talent.

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